Handcrafted wooden Threedom® set, 1997.

Significant design developments

Pieces: Began with 15 pieces per player, reduced to 12 and finally settled on 10; as its indivisibility by 3 ensures that players have to work to get their pieces around the board safely.

Dice: Began with 6-sided dice, replaced with 8-sided dice, uniquely numbered 0-7. This numbering allows the possibility of a zero throw.

Board: The removal of walls, through the Central Stripe and the end stripes. This permits the free flow of movement around the board.

about | the history of the game

The game was born in the 1970s… toddled and snoozed in the 80s… but started, first to walk and then to run, in the 90s.

Pete and Sandy devised and developed the game for three to play and worked tirelessly from the 90s, until completion in the 2010s.

The game is called Threedom, looks fabulous and is great fun to play.

Welcome to a new world of game playing… beat two opponents… and double that winning feeling.


Threedom®: the game for three players.